"Our values keep us together, but our perspectives can further the distance" 

Relationships are never easy, and being long distance brings them to another level. But is doing long distance possible? Definitely. Are there couples who have survived it? Of course. So how do you manage the distance? Listen to find out!

What motto do you live your relationships by?

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Walking more than 20,000 steps a day compared to 8,000 a day says a lot about the difference in lifestyle. Join us in our talk about how your culture's lifestyle can affect your weight, mental health, and quality of life!

What is the ideal lifestyle that will bring you happiness?

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What would you choose: Nuts+Smoothies or Brains+Eyes for health? We share our crazy stories of what people do to maintain their health and how the Chinese and Western culture does this differently. 

What role does health play in your busy modern life?

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"Many people in the U.S. like to adopt Chinese kids and most of them are girls, because..." 

What would you do if you had to sacrifice your child because of their gender? We reveal some seldom talked about gender issues and the difference in gender dynamic between the two cultures.

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Chinese New Year and Christmas are huge celebrations, join us in our exploration of how two widely celebrated festivals from different cultures can be different yet similar.

What does your family value the most during this festival?

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Parenting styles vary amongst different families, but the ways of parenting can differ even more across different cultures. We dive into the parent-child dynamic in Chinese and Western culture, breaking down respect and love in these relationships. 

In what ways do you show your parents that you love them?

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